Wellness Can Only Be Achieved Through Wholeness

World Wholeness helps people acquire good health by balancing the six aspects within their lives through self-analysis and the elimination of fear, anxiety, and trauma, while replacing these dark functions with a positive attitude, personal control, and inner peace. Liberate yourself and experience the wellness you deserve.

Choose Your Path To Wholeness

Develop an energetic positive attitude to draw out the benefits from your environment and the confidence you need in your interactions with others to achieve all your endeavors with self-help books and CDs.

Click on your path to wellness to find the self-help books and CDs you’ve been seeking.

Reprogram Your Mind

Since ancient times mankind has applied metaphysics to rebalance the lives of desperate individuals. Now you can transform into a happy successful person by reprogramming your attitude and habits with metaphysical self-help CDs.

Metaphysical Therapy

Some metaphysical therapies you can learn to use for perfect wholeness and personal control are manipulating aura and chakra energies, sound therapy, dream therapy, huna techniques, aromatherapy, feng shui, color therapy, reiki, crystal therapy, flower therapy, and powerful chants.

Helpful Hypnosis

Recuperative self-hypnosis has proved to be one of the most thorough and quickest ways to change negative energy and thoughts from self-destructive behavior back to the positive happy state of being that one desires.

Clinically Tested For Results

Proven results you can achieve through self-hypnosis with our self-help CDs are renewed self-esteem, ultimate relaxation, sound sleep, self-confidence, eliminating stress, trauma relief, awakening refreshed, true forgiveness, conquering addictions, ending negative relationships, and overcoming the effects of abuse.

By finding the actual root cause of your problems and treating the entire being, personal wholeness can be reestablished and true wellness acquired.

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