Promote Elephant Families

Did you know that the elephant is the third most intelligent animal on the planet and extremely family oriented just like humans? They place their young and community cooperation before individual needs. As parents, they excel in the patient care of their young and spend years teaching them the ways of the world. They seek survival balance and celebrate in reverence the death of a community member, whether it is human, elephant, or of some other species. What an incredible loss there would be if the elephant were to not exist on the planet in the near future. To stop their extinction they need your help!
  • Save the Elephants Save the Elephants

The plight of the Thai Elephant has reached extreme proportions. At the turn of the 20th century there was an excess of over 400,000 elephants. In 2005, the numbers decreased to a maximum of 8000. Today, there are less than 4000 elephants left in Thailand due to loss of habitat, poaching of the bulls for their ivory, and extremely cruel training of the domesticated elephants that leads to a shorter life, and sometimes sudden death.

The elephant is a matter of national pride to many in Thailand and a few have taken it upon themselves to try to put a stop to this madness. For only $75, you can support an elephant for an entire year to be sure he or she has enough to eat. For only $25 per year you can support the annual medical needs of a baby or adult elephant, which includes vaccinations and needed antibiotics. Every time you give to an elephant, you will receive a personal biography of the elephant. If you prefer to give to a baby, adolescent, adult, male, or female elephant, just let us know and we will make sure that elephant gets your contribution. Plus, you will receive individual information on the elephant you have assisted. This will include the elephant’s name, birth date, gender, origin, disposition, and current address, in case you choose to visit one day. On behalf of the elephants, thank you for your heartfelt contribution.