Tools 4 School

Every child deserves an education. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, poverty is so pronounced that school for many is out of reach. The price of taking a family of four to enjoy the movies with popcorn and a drink in the United States is the same price as sending a child to school for a whole year in some third-world countries.

By giving only $75 through the Tools 4 School Program, a child can buy the books, paper, pencils, clothes, and other supplies necessary to attend school for one whole year, but without them, they are forced to stay at home. That is only 20¢ per day to give a child an education, and as we all know, education is the key to eliminating global ignorance, hunger, poverty, and elevating human awareness.

Give the gift of knowledge today. With only $75 you can help a child develop into an educated adult.
The Tools 4 School Program wants to share the joy of every child that receives an annual gift of education. For each child you sponsor, you will receive a bio giving his or her name, age, address, school name, information about the child’s family and community, and future aspirations. Through your participation, we can bring as many people as possible from around the world together in unified harmony to better everyone’s life. We thank you for your thoughtful gift.